Summer Reading

I took Sarah to the library this afternoon for her weekly fix.  She’s in the Summer Reading program, and she gets chintzy little prizes for getting “points” (based on page count and whether or not a book is part of a series, among other things).  Today, we got her next little prize and enough reading material to last the rest of the (truncated) week at camp – so 6 books.

While she was hunting through the stacks for a biography that would meet the library’s requirement for the program while not “boring (her) to tears”, I  was idly perusing their (rather anemic) science fiction aisle. I noted they had everything Mercedes Lackey has ever written (!) but no Elizabeth Moon, Nancy Kress, Octavia Butler, Elizabeth Bear, Neal Stephenson, William Gibson – and very little Asimov, Clark, or Heinlien.

And then I noticed RAH’s “Door Into Summer“. Flipping through the dust jacket blurb, I realized this may be the only RAH I have *not* read (besides “Job”, which I refuse to do on principle – and “Glory Road”, which I’ve attempted several times but could never finish). I had a checklist as a teen, and doggedly hunted down every copy of his books I could find. Two chapters in, and I don’t remember any of the story …. so, wow.

I just finished, this weekend, an eBook by Michael Sellers called “John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood“, about just how JC had become the “biggest flop in Hollywood history”. (John Eaves had recommended it on Facebook, the subject intrigued me, and the price was …. pretty cheap). Sellers is not exactly an accomplished author, but he did lay out a pretty meticulous, and I thought even-handed, case for why a good movie got sucked into an abyss of negativity.

I’ve not read any of Edgar Rice Burroughs works. I suppose my education is lacking …. but I’ve no desire to remedy that, either. I remember the trailers for “JC”, and I remembered that they sucked. The DVD cover/ movie poster certainly does.

And yet, after reading “Gods of Hollywood”, I now want to see the film – and the library had a copy, so that came home with us as well.

… but not before we discovered that my library card had been purged from the system because I haven’t used it in like 4 years. Ooops!